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Placement Tests

The College placement exam is the College Board Tests Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs) Accuplacer. Students are required to complete the placement exam to enroll in reading, English and mathematics. The tests are not timed and the results, with course placement recommendations, are immediately made available.

Course Placements

The Reading sequence of courses is Basic Reading RDG-050 and Analytical Reading RDG-051. The writing sequence of courses is Basic Writing Skills ENG 50; Intro to Expository Writing ENG-051; Freshman Composition ENG-003A; and Composition & Literature ENG-001B.

The mathematics sequence is College Arithmetic MATH-057; Elementary Algebra MATH-050; Intermediate Algebra MATH-040 and a College level math, College Algebra MATH-010 or other choices dependent upon the student’s major.

The Assessment Test Results form provides students with a guideline of what the test scores mean.

Assessment Practice tests now available online:

– Reduce Test Anxiety
– Improve Math & English skills
– Increase Assessment Scores
– Test Out of Foundational Classes

Higher Assessment Scores means less “foundational” classes! Computers available in the Student Success Center to practice.

Call Admissions & Records at 866-366-3791, ext. 4232 to make an appointment to take the assessment test.

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