And the Votes are in

Copper Mountain College (CMC) is proud to announce our official Mascot.

Voting was open to the public from May 10th through May 26th.  Over 1,000 community members and employees cast their ballots. It was a close race between the final four: Copperheads, Dust Devils, and Fighting Cacti, with the Tortoise at a slow but steady pursuit to the finish line.

The results were verified through an online program called Survey Monkey.  The favorite among the four finalists and the Copper Mountain College mascot is FIGHTING CACTI!  Devin Aye, Athletic Director states, “It is an exciting time here, and I think the community nailed it with Fighting Cacti! There are so many fun and creative ideas that come to mind for such a unique mascot to match this unique community.”

A big thank you to those who voted to make history for CMC!  “This is a substantial step for CMC as we continue to progress with our Athletic Program.”  “We are looking forward to sharing men’s and women’s basketball with our community this fall, GO FIGHTING CACTI” says Superintendent/President Jeff Cummings.

Copper Mountain College now has its 2017-18 men’s and women’s basketball schedules available for viewing on the CMC website. The first home game for men will be November 11th against Santa Monica.

On November 14th there will be a doubleheader with the first women’s home game followed by the men’s team against Imperial Valley. CMC hopes to see you all there!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the College, please go to the website at or call 760-366-3791.