100 Charter Members Reached at Copper Mountain College

Copper Mountain College Athletic Booster Club has reached the 100 charter member mark and will soon be celebrating our own teams in the Bell Center. Last August Copper Mountain College Foundation kicked off a campaign to fund the first year of an athletic program at CMC. The goal was 100 lifetime members of the Athletic Booster Club. Individuals, businesses, service clubs, and the campus community rallied to build the booster club and fund the athletic program. The 100th charter member was signed up at CMC’s All Staff Day this past month.

According to Superintendent/President Jeff Cummings, the College is in the process of hiring the first Athletic Director and on February 13, 2017, the California Community College Athletic Association will determine which conference CMC will be in and we will move forward with a mascot, coaches, a schedule and finally player recruitment! A Charter Member celebration is planned for March, after the Athletic Director and conference are finalized.

Copper Mountain College is excited about playing basketball at CMC and thanks the public for joining us to bring intercollegiate basketball to our community college.
For more information regarding the Athletic Program or CMC please call 760.366.3791.

photo of a basketball with hands touching it