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    CMC’s Coyote Informer reporter, Emlee Lotspeich,

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    CMC President, Roger Wagner, PhD,

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     New Multi-Media

    Club Opens

    By: Evelyn Christensen


          There is a new multi-media club which has opened up on the Copper Mountain College (CMC) campus as of Thurs. Sept. 9, which is when the first meeting was held between the hours of 3 and 4 p.m. in Rm. 219.
          Professor Spelman Downer, the club advisor, stated that the club would be participating in, "video shoots for individuals, school events, advertising, and would also review proposals to cover musicians, bands, and plays at Theater 29."
          The multi-media club currently has fourteen members and is in the process of looking for more people who are willing to join.  The club has already begun filming bands in the area and is in the process of editing its first video tape.  They met on Sat., Oct. 9 in Rm. 219 from 10 a.m. to  2 p.m. to begin editing.  
          During the first club meeting, Downer stated, "I can teach people the basics of video editing, but we could use more people who are experienced at it."
          Although video editing is necessary, the club does have other interests.  These include, but are not limited to: acting, directing, graphic design, digital photography, writing, and animation.
          Some of the members of the new multi-media club have come to the club to learn more about things such as photography, and Downer appears excited about aiding them in these endeavors.
          During the first meeting, Downer talked about projects for the club and animatedly discussed things like celtx.com- something many club members had never heard of.  Celtx.com, according to Downer, "puts a script in Hollywood convention formats."
          The multi-media club is also looking for new projects as well as more members. Those who are interested contact Professor Spelman at turquoise6@verizon.net.




     Copper Mountain College's "Budget Downturn"

    By: Ashley Owens

                There is a rumor going on about a 2.5 million dollar loan that CMC did not get and what’s worse is that CMC only has enough money to last until the end of Oct.
                The question is whether this is true or false. “It’s half true,” says President Roger Wagner of Copper Mountain College (CMC). The half of that rumor that is true is still scary. CMC did not get that 2.5 million dollar loan, and the budget would last up until Fri, Oct. 22, nine days shorter than what the rumor stated.
                Thankfully CMC has a great president because he got “two cushions” (as he likes to call them) to help make it through the school year. One is a line of credit through a bank for $750,000. The second is the bond money from the rebuilding of the Student Services Office.
    “We’re lucky we had a construction fund,” Wagner stated.
                The best part about all of this is that the 2.5 million dollar loan did get passed on Wed, Oct. 20. California’s state budget is in a crisis where as CMC is not.
    “I don’t like calling what CMC’s going through a crisis; it is more like a minor budget downturn that will be over soon. The only way it could be a crisis is in the sense that we could be doing more for our students,” says Wagner.
                The ultimate reason CMC is in this budget downturn is because California is supposed to give CMC money once a month but does not. CMC gets the 2.5 million dollars from California around this time and makes it last the entire time until it has been a year from now when CMC needs it again. In order to keep as much money possible to last, the college has had to minimize travel and avoid borrowing because with borrowing comes interest.
    CMC is doing its best for the students. Wagner has made sure there would be enough money to take care of the general supplies and bills, the categorical funds such as EOPS and DSPS, and students will receive their Cal Grants.
    Wagner said, “It is important for students to know every community college is going through the same budget downturn. Times are tough, but it is not a crisis.”
           For more information, contact the President of Copper Mountain College at rwagner@cmccd.edu.



    Debate Team Prepares for First Competition

    By: Danielle Thien

         On Nov 20-21 the team will travel to Grossmont College in San Diego to compete in the “Griffin Swing” for their first competition.
         "Students will be competing in various events at the novice level.”It’s not just debate", Coach Reyna says, "Forensics includes Oral Interpretation (like acting), Platform Speeches (like in your public speaking class), and limited preparation speeches.”
         Coach Reyna Velarde described the competition as “the perfect opportunity to find out if you love it or if it’s not for you”. She reminded the team to “have no expectations; it’s just the initial exposure”.
         Reyna is a member of Grossmont alumni and is excited to take her own team to her old college. She is also excited to coach a team at this competition because her first coaches are running the show.
         The team will travel on the money they raised at their first fundraiser. The concert they put on was a success and they met their fundraising goal. They plan to put on more fundraisers in the future because tournaments, hotels, and traveling add up.
         It is not too late to join the team or be a part of this competition. If any students wish to participate and travel with the team they can attend meetings in room 104 on Thursdays from 3-5 p.m. Other arrangements can be made for students that cannot make the meetings. For more information contact President Danielle Thien at dthien08@aol.com, Coach Reyna Velarde at rvelarde@cmccd.edu.



    Danielle Thien, President of CMC Debate Team


    Upcoming Improv Comedy Night at CMC

    By: Emlee Lotspeich

          The Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honors Society of Copper Mountain College (CMC) plans to host an Improv Comedy Night at CMC during this November while honoring students on the President’s List and holding a fundraiser for the Art Mitz Scholarship.
          “The society’s [PTK] theme this year is the Democratization of Information, and we’ll incorporate this theme in our event. Volunteers of PTK will provide the entertainment but we encourage audience participation on the stage as well,” PTK’s Advisor, Cathy Itnyre, states.
          The Improv Comedy Night will be formatted as a dining and entertainment event. This event will be expanded to the CMC community as well as the public. The Improv Comedy Night will also hold a special portion of the event to acknowledge the honor students of both the society and CMC.
          “PTK is an international honors society for community college students with a 3.5 or above GPA, who have completed at least 12 college credits….We plan to honor CMC’s President’s List students by inviting them on stage and praise their academic success. This will hopefully recruit new members to join the honor society if they had not heard of PTK before now,” Itnyre continues.
          Additionally, PTK’s Improv Comedy Night will be conducting a fundraiser to promote donations for the Art Mitz Scholarship, which is established by Art’s wife, Mimi Mitz, for students majoring in social sciences. PTK committee members are planning to hold a silent auction or raffle to use as the fundraiser.
           PTK’s Improv Comedy Night is set to occur on the evening of the first or third Friday of November. PTK’s head committee chair members of this event are currently requesting to use CMC’s Bell Center as preferable location vice CMC’s Alumni Courtyard. PTK members will be posting flyers of the Improv Comedy Night within the next few weeks.

    For more information, please contact:
    PTK Advisor, Professor Cathy Itnyre, at CItnyre@cmccd.edu.















    Coyote Informer, Ashley Owens

    is the official student government reporter.