Two Year Course Cycle

    Click on the links below to review the Course Cycle for your area of study.

    Every effort will be made to use this sequencing when developing our schedule of classes however college budget, instructor availability, and low student enrollments may limit our ability to offer each course.

    This includes Anthropology courses (ANTH), and Cultural Geography (GEOG-002).

    This includes general art (ART) courses.  Including Basic Design & Color (ART-003A), Digital Photography (ART-031), History of Photography (ART-033) and Graphic Design I & II (ART-040 & 041).

    This includes Automotive (AUTO) courses.

    Biological (Life) Sciences
    This includes General Biology-Principles/Zoology/Botany (BI-001A-C), Elements of Biology (BI-004), Elements of Biology Lab (BI-004L), General Microbiology (BI-015), Human Anatomy (BI-022), Human Physiology (BI-023), and Natural Resources (NR).

    Business Accounting and Economics
    This includes accounting (BUAC) courses, Business Management courses (BUMA), and Economics courses (ECON).

    Child Development (formerly Early Childhood Education) (ECE)
    This includes Child Development (CD) courses.

    Communications & Theatre Arts
    This includes Journalism (J), Mass Communications (MC), Speech (SP), and Theatre Arts (TA) courses.

    Computer Information Systems
    This includes Computer Information Systems (CIS) courses.

    Computer Science
    This includes Computer Science (CS) courses.

    Criminal Justice
    This includes Criminal Justice (CJ) courses.

    This includes English (ENG) courses.

    Fire Technology
    This includes Fire Technology (FIRE) courses.

    Health Sciences
    This includes Vocational Nursing (VN), Nursing Assistant (HS-064), Home Health Aide (HS-066), Emergency Medical Technician & Refresher (EMT), Basic Pharmacology (HS-065), etc.

    This includes History (HIST) courses.

    This includes Mathematics (MATH) courses.

    This includes Music (MUS) courses.

    This includes Philosophy (PHIL) courses.

    Political Science
    This includes Political Science (PS) courses.

    This includes Psychology (PSY) courses.

    Registered Nursing
    This includes Nursing (N) courses.

    Sciences (Physical)
    This includes Astronomy (A), Chemistry (CH), Geology (G), Geography (GEOG), and Physics (PH) courses.

    This includes Sociology (SOC) courses.

    Spanish and American Sign Language
    This includes Spanish (SPAN) and American Sign Language (ASL) courses.