Tutoring Services


    The new library is open and our new Learning Resource Center is open for business.  This center is staffed by CMC instructors and student tutors. See the Spring 2014  schedule to find out when your favorite tutor is available or when your most stressful subject is available for tutoring.

    The Learning Resource Center is an open entry/open exit environment where college students with learning needs in academic subjects receive tutoring. Remember that if you are having difficulty in a history class, you may need to be tutored in reading or English.  If you have a course with writing assignments, then the LRC may be the place you can receive assistance.  

    Tutoring Services

    Currently, there are scheduled hours for college students to have access to tutoring. Students can enroll into Math 97 (.5 unit) or Math 98 (one unit) if they are currently enrolled into any math, science, CIS or Health Science course. They may also enroll into ASC 97 (.5 unit) or ASC 98 (one unit) if they are enrolled into any course with a reading or writing component. These courses have an attendance requirement in order to earn the credit. You must also receive tutoring while a faculty member is assigned to the LRC. Students need to complete two forms:  a recommendation form signed by your instructor or counselor and an admit form for ASC100. All students will also be enrolled into the non-credit course ASC 100, with no attendance requirement.     These can be picked up in the Bagley room on the first visit.  You will be enrolled into ASC100, a non-credit course, but there is no tuition fee. There is no attendance requirement, this is the method that the college uses to determine the number of students using our tutoring services.  

    If you are interested in being tutored, simply walk into the Bagley Room of the Greenleaf Library during designated times and ask the tutor about becoming enrolled. Open the following link for a list of times and rooms.

    FIND A TUTOR: SPRING 2014 Tutoring Schedule

    Students enrolled in special programs, such as ACCESS and EOPS/CARE should talk to their counselor about additional tutoring opportunities.

    BECOME A TUTOR!  While we don’t have any openings available this semester, we will have need for new tutors next fall semester.  Remember that any activity like this looks good on a resume. 

    Steps to Becoming a Tutor

    • Identify courses that you enjoy and in which you have earned "A"s.  You should be beyond the freshman level of most courses in order to qualify. 
    • Obtain a green recommendation card from your instructor or Tony Thacker, Basic Skills Coordinator. Complete the card, which requires signatures from your instructors in courses that you wish to tutor. Return this card to Mr. Thacker and at this time there will be a discussion about availability of tutoring hours in your subject(s).
    • Go to Human Resources, located in the 100 Quad, and fill out a student worker application. Be sure to write “Student Tutor” for “Position Applying For”.
    • HR will complete the application process, which will require both a TB test and finger printing.