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    Welcome to the Copper Mountain College Transfer Center Homepage.  We are committed and dedicated to provide the needed services to assist students through the transfer process through the different resources we provide online and in person.

    Our Mission:
    The Transfer Center is committed to prepare students to successfully transfer to both public and private baccalaureate-granting educational institutions by providing information, education, and support services.

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    Student Services
    300 Quad, McDonald Hall
    Copper Mountain College
    6162 Rotary Way
    Joshua Tree, CA 92252

    CSU Application Oct 1 - Nov 30           

    Application Instructions

    Help Movies for the CSU Application

    UC Transfer Application Planner Sept 1-30             

    TAG Application Instructional PowerPoint

    Instructional Video

    UC Application
    Nov 1-30           
    Online Application Guide 

    Spring 2015 Workshops
     Workshop  Day  Date  Time  Room
    Career Exploration Workshop
    March 19
     9:30-11am 219
    University Exploration
    March 24
    Career Exploration Workshop Thursday
    March 26
    University Exploration
    April 7

    CMC Foundation-Transfer Center Scholarship

    Amount:  $250.00
    Awarded:  Annually, each May
    Method:  Random Drawing
    Requirements:  Provide a 4-year College/University Acceptance letter to the CMC Transfer Center

    Each time a student provides an acceptance letter to a 4-year college or university, they are eligible to place one ticket into the Transfer Center Scholarship May drawing.

    ASSIST.ORG is the number one transfer tool for community college students planning to transfer to the CSU or the UC systems.  Check it out today!

    · Admissions & Graduation Requirements by Campus

    · Application Instructions

    · Campus Admission Specific Practices (CASPR)

    · Cost of Attendance

    · CSUSB palm Desert Campus

    · EOP Application Booklet

    · Filing Status (Open/Closed) Report

    · Impacted Campuses

    · Impacted Majors

    · Local Admissions Areas

    · New Student Orientation (Attendance & Fees)

    · Online CSU Degree Programs

    · Plan For College

    · Registration Priorities for Transfer Students

    · Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) & Deposits

    · Transfer Admission & Registration Processes Prior to Receipt of All Official Transcripts

    · Transfer Students with Learning Disabilities (Completion of Math Requirement)

    The new joint transfer program from the California Community Colleges and the California State Universities makes it easier for students like you to transfer between the two school systems. For the first time in California history, community college students who complete a new AA-T or AS-T are guaranteed admission to the California State University (CSU) system. With this new degree, you have the opportunity to complete two degrees with only 120 units if you apply and are admitted into a similar degree program.

    Through the new program, students who complete an AA-T or AS-T will be given a special GPA advantage when applying to CSU impacted campuses or majors.

    The best part of the deal? Students with an AA-T or AS-T enter the CSU system with junior standing. Students who are admitted to a program that has been deemed similar will need only 60 more semester units (or 90 quarter units) to complete a bachelor's degree.

    Create your account and begin filling out the Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) today.

    The UC Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) is an online tool for use by UC students transferring from California community colleges, including those students who are seeking a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) with one of the seven participating UC campuses. Students can enter their course work (completed and planned) from the very beginning of their college careers, or at any point when they decide to transfer to a UC campus. The planner helps students track their progress toward meeting UC's minimum requirements, and allows UC staff to communicate important information to prospective transfer students.

    · ASK UC (email your question to a UC staff member)

    · UC Transfer Preparation Paths

    · Check Open & Closed Majors

    · Filing Dates & Deadlines

    · Financing a UC Education

    · Online Application Guide

    · Paying for UC - Blue and Gold Program
    Blue and Gold Program Video

    · Personal Statement Writing Guidelines

    · TAG Matrix

    · Personal Statement Prompts

    · TAG Online Admission Planner

    · UC Transfer Admission Planner

    · After You Apply

    Transfer Center Hours of Operation

    Regular Hours:

    Monday-Thursday 8:15a-5:00p
    Friday 8:15a-3:00p

    We are closed on all legal and college holidays.

    2014-2015 Academic Calendar

    2014-2015 Holiday Schedule

    (760) 366-3791 ext 5961

    Transfer Center Coordinator
    Gregg Chesterman, ext. 5883

    Transfer Specialist
    John Dotson, ext. 5961

    Transfer Center Services

    • University Exploration
    • Fall semester University Days
    • Articulation Agreements
    • Transfer Tasks Checklists - CMC Transfer Checklist and CMC Final Year Transfer Checklist
    • Scheduling of University Representative Visits
    • TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee) Information
    • Application Workshops
    • CSU Cross Enrollment Applications
    • CSU GE and IGETC General Education Certifications

    CA Career Cafe: A virtual career center for California Community College Students:


    Compare earnings of recent graduates in specific program areas in the State of California!


    Review Careers for Sociology Majors!

    What Can I do with this major?

     Date Time Event
    Thursday, March 19th
    9:30AM to 3:30PM CSUSB Palm Desert Admissions Counselor Visit
    Tuesday, March 24th 
    10AM to 12PM National University Admissions Counselor Visit
    Wednesday, April 15th 10AM to 4PM
    Grand Canyon University
    Thursday, April 16th
    9:30AM to 3:30PM CSUSB Palm Desert Admissions Counselor Visit
    Tuesday, April 21st 
    10AM to 12PM National University Admissions Counselor Visit
    Tuesday, April 28th 
    10AM to 12PM National University Admissions Counselor Visit
    Tuesday, May 5th
    10AM to 12PM National University Admissions Counselor Visit
    Thursday, May 14th
    9:30AM to 3:30PM CSUSB Palm Desert Admissions Counselor Visit

    October 1 -- Deadline to file CMC’s Intent to Graduate for Fall

    March 1 -- Deadline to file CMC’s Intent to Graduate for Spring