Tortoise Fun Tracs

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     Fun Facts

    • The Desert Tortoise is able to live where ground temperature may exceed 140 degrees F.

    • 95% of a Desert Tortoise’s life is spent in underground burrows

    • Ravens have caused more than 50 percent of juvenile Desert Tortoise deaths in some areas of the Mojave Desert.

    • Adult tortoises may survive a year or more without access to water.

    • Desert Tortoise populations have declined by 90 percent since the 1980s

    • Ravens are now one of the Desert turtle’s primary predators.

    • Much of the tortoise’s water intake comes from moisture in the grasses and wildflowers they consume in the spring.

    • It is unlawful to touch, harm, harass or collect a wild Desert Tortoise.

     Curious Facts

    • Class: Reptilia

    • Order: Chelonia

    • Suborder: Cryptodira

    • Super Family: Testudinoidea

    • Family: Testudinidae

    • Genus: Gopherus

    • Species: agassizii

     Vital Stats

    • Height: 4- 6" 

    • Sexual Maturity: 15-20 years

    • Mating Season: Aug.-Oct.

    • Incubation Period: 90-120 days

    • No. Of Eggs: 4-8

    • Birth Interval: 2-3/year

    • Lifespan: 80-100 years 

    • Weight: 8-15 lbs.Length (carapace): 9-15"

    • Typical diet: Herbs, grasses,wildflowers


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