Success Strategies Workshop

    Welcome to the Copper Mountain College Success Strategies Workshop webpage.  We are committed and dedicated in achieving Student Success and Support.

    Students on probation are required to complete the Success Strategies Workshop and meet with a counselor to sign a probation contract before they are allowed to register for classes next semester.  Students that are unable to sign up for the face-to-face workshop may follow the steps below to complete this requirement.  If you are unable to adequately complete this worksheet on your own, you must sign up for a face-to-face workshop in Student Services.

    This workshop will cover essential information which should assist you to be more successful.

    Take the Next Steps to Success:

    Step 1: Download and print the Success Strategies Worksheet

    Step 2: Download and view the Success Strategies Workshop Presentation, filling out your worksheet as you view the presentation (including "My Weekly Schedule" on page 5).

    Step 3: Make an appointment to see your counselor. For a Main Campus appointment, call 760-366-3791, ext. 4232. For a Base Programs appointment, call 760-830-6133.

    Step 4: Obtain your unofficial transcript from Admissions & Records.

    Step 5: Bring your completed worksheet and unofficial transcript with you when you meet with your counselor. The counselor will complete the Probation Contract after reviewing your completed worksheet and weekly schedule.

    Good Luck and Success!