Standard III A. Human Resources


    Reference 1 Board Policy and Administrative Procedure 7.2.11

    Reference 2 Job Advertisements

    Reference 3 Job Interest Card Screen shot

    Reference 4 Minimum Qualifications Form and Discipline List

    Reference 5 Academic Senate Minutes

    Reference 6 BP 3410; AP 3000; AP 3410

    Reference 7 Classified Interview Questions and Skills Test

    Reference 8 Teaching Demonstration Example

    Reference 9 Forced Choice Tool

    Reference 10 EEO Training Materials

    Reference 11.1 Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreements

    Reference 11.2 Classified Collective Bargaining Agreements

    Reference 12 Manager and Administrator Evaluation Form

    Reference 13 Evidence of Feedback and Evaluation Form

    Reference 14 Evaluation Spreadsheet and E-mail Examples

    Reference 15 2012 Employee Survey

    Reference 16 Faculty Job Description

    Reference 17 Copper Mountain College Catalog

    Reference 18 Faculty Handbook

    Reference 19 BP 4220 and 5500

    Reference 20 Organizational Chart

    Reference 21 Early Retirement Incentive Discussion and Recruitment Information

    Reference 22 Employee Roster

    Reference 23 FON

    Reference 24 Training Schedule and Newsletters

    Reference 25 Job Announcements

    Reference 26 Required Elements of a Syllabus

    Reference 27 New Employee Packet

    Reference 28 Article V, CTA CBA

    Reference 29 Faculty Diversity Questions

    Reference 30 Classified Diversity Questions

    Reference 31 Diversity Training Schedules

    Reference 32 All-Staff and Flex Day Schedules

    Reference 33 Library E-mails

    Reference 34 EEO Committee Slides

    Reference 35 EEO Committee Calendar

    Reference 36 January 2013 All-Staff Day Schedule

    Reference 37 Student Showcase Calendar

    Reference 38 EAP Brochure

    Reference 39 Ergonomic Assessment Results

    Reference 40 E-mails and Challenge Information

    Reference 41 Benefits Flyer

    Reference 42 NeoGov Report

    Reference 43 Morongo Basin Census

    Reference 44 EPICS Report

    Reference 45 LCW Training Sessions

    Reference 46 Roundtable Meeting Calendar

    Reference 47 Campus Meeting Schedule

    Reference 48 Employee of the Quarter Form and Scripts

    Reference 49 Board of Trustee minutes

    Reference 50 End-of-Year Flyer

    Reference 51 Holiday Party Flyer

    Reference 52 Employee Birthday List

    Reference 53 EDF Form and Process

    Reference 54 Perkins and BSI Summary Report

    Reference 55 Article XX and Forms in the CSEA CBA

    Reference 56 Professional Growth Budget Summary Report

    Reference 57 All-Staff and Flex Surveys

    Reference 58 Board of Trustees minutes

    Reference 59 Resource Allocation Matrix

    Reference 60 Employee Roster Comparison

    Reference 61 Payroll Report

    Reference 62 Overtime Report