Standard I Institutional Mission and Effectiveness

    Ref. 1 Copper Mountain College (CMC) Catalog

    Ref. 2 CMC Spring 2013 Schedule of Classes

    Ref. 3 Laminated Mission Statement Card

    Ref. 4 2012 Student Survey

    Ref. 5 Institutional Planning Guide

    Ref. 6 Copper Mountain College Website

    Ref. 7 PCAH

    Ref. 8 Basic Skills Committee minutes

    Ref. 9 Memorandum of Understanding with Adult Literacy Coalition

    Ref. 10 Floor Plan of Re-modeled Library

    Ref. 11 Student Performance Data Reports

    Ref. 12 Contracts for MathZone and MyMathLab

    Ref. 13 Curriculum Committee minutes

    Ref. 14 ASSIST Articulation information

    Ref. 15 Transfer Center flyer

    Ref. 16 Course Outlines of Record

    Ref. 17 General Education Philosophy Statement

    Ref. 18 CTRAC minutes

    Ref. 19 Curriculum Committee minutes

    Ref. 20.1 Academic Senate Packets

    Ref. 20.2 Academic Senate Packets

    Ref. 20.3 Academic Senate Packets

    Ref. 20.4 Academic Senate Packets

    Ref. 20.5 Academic Senate Packets

    Ref. 20.6 Academic Senate Packets

    Ref. 20.7 Academic Senate Packets

    Ref. 21 Advisory Committee minutes

    Ref. 22 RN Accreditation Certificate

    Ref. 23 VN Accreditation Certificate

    Ref. 24 2012 Employee Survey

    Ref. 25 Board of Trustees minutes

    Ref. 26 Strategic Plan

    Ref. 27 Educational Master Plan

    Ref. 28 Participatory Governance Document

    Ref. 29 College Council minutes

    Ref. 30 Program Review forms

    Ref. 31 All-Staff and Flex flyers

    Ref. 32 All-Subscriber Academic Senate packets

    Ref. 33 2007-11 Strategic Plan

    Ref. 34 Academic Senate packets

    Ref. 35 E-mails

    Ref. 36 Flex documents

    Ref. 37 College Council minutes

    Ref. 38 Academic Senate minutes

    Ref. 39 Flex and Staff Day agendas

    Ref. 40 Academic Senate minutes and e-mails

    Ref. 41 Curriculum Committee minutes

    Ref. 42 College Council minutes

    Ref. 43 Academic Senate packet and minutes

    Ref. 44 CTE & Advisory minutes

    Ref. 45 Agenda from All-Staff Day Spring 2012

    Ref. 46 Addendum to Strategic Plan

    Ref. 47 Recommendations on SLO and AUP Assessments: October 2012

    Ref. 48 AUO Assessment Report forms

    Ref. 49 Program Review samples

    Ref. 50 Institutional Researcher job description

    Ref. 51 Program Review REVIEW minutes

    Ref. 52 College Council minutes

    Ref. 53 College Council minutes

    Ref. 54 All staff Day Agenda

    Ref. 55 Budget Post-it sheets

    Ref. 55.1 Budget Post-it sheets

    Ref. 55.2 Budget Post-it sheets

    Ref. 55.3 Budget Post-it sheets

    Ref. 55.4 Budget Post-it sheets

    Ref. 55.5 Budget Post-it sheets

    Ref. 55.6 Budget Post-it sheets

    Ref. 55.7 Budget Post-it sheets

    Ref. 55.8 Budget Post-it sheets

    Ref. 56 Budget Allocation Matrix

    Ref. 57 Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) minutes

    Ref. 58 Program Reviews

    Ref. 59 Instructional and Student Services Program Reviews

    Ref. 60 Community Survey Reports

    Ref. 61 College Council minutes

    Ref. 62 Planning documents

    Ref. 63 BAC minutes

    Ref. 64 Academic Senate minutes

    Ref. 65 Board of Trustees minutes from 1/12/12

    Ref. 66 Board of Trustees minutes from 2/9/12

    Ref. 67 All-Staff Day flyer

    Ref. 68 Board of Trustees minutes

    Ref. 69 Academic Senate minutes

    Ref. 70 Student Survey

    Ref. 71 Board of Trustees minutes

    Ref. 72 Student Equity Plan

    Ref. 73 ARCC Report

    Ref. 74 Distance Education Committee request

    Ref. 75 BAC minutes

    Ref. 76 College Council minutes