Registered Nursing Program



    OCTOBER 1, 2015 THROUGH NOVEMBER 30, 2015


    The Associate Degree Nursing - Registered Nursing Program is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN). The Program is comprised of 37 units of nursing theory and clinical experience plus 36-40 units of science and general education courses. Clinical experience is concurrently provided in hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the community. Theory and clinical experience are supported by time spent in the Health Sciences Nursing Resources Lab which provides opportunities for supervised learning and skills practice utilizing simulation mannequins, healthcare equipment and supplies, videos, DVDs, computerized instruction and other tools.

    The Program is designed to prepare graduates to function as Registered Nurses in an entry level position. All facilities utilized for the clinical training portions of the Program are located in Federally designated underserved areas.  The facilities also serve a large medically underinsured and uninsured population.  This means that more nurses are needed than have been available in the past to fill Registered Nursing positions in these facilities.  Most of our Program graduates are offered employment by one or more of the clinical training facilities.  it is our hope that graduates of the Program will consider remaining in the region to work as Registered Nurses after achieving licensure.

    Most students admitted to the Associate Degree Nursing Program have completed all coursework except the nursing courses prior to admission. Use the “BRN Approved Program Prerequisites” form to access the list of courses which must be completed prior to applying to the RN Program and which courses may be taken while waiting to get into the Program or during completion of the Program.

    A new class is admitted each year. Details regarding the application process are provided under the “Pre-Enrollment Forms” heading on this page.  Please review the admission policy and application instructions thoroughly and then contact the Health Sciences/Nursing Programs office if you have any questions. General Information Sessions regarding the RN Program will be offered periodically.

    NOTE:  The RN Program requires a criminal background check.   Students should be aware that the results of the background check may have an impact on academic program eligibility or clinical/community site placement.  Students may be denied access to the program on the basis of the results of the background check.  The College is required to comply with licensing requirements and with policies of our partner agencies.  If you have a felony or a misdemeanor in your background, please see your program chair to discuss the impact on your academic and professional career.

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    RN Program Advanced Placement Admission Policy Effective 5.01.2015

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              For more information contact:

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