Copper Mountain College offers a wide range of programs:

    Effective Fall, 2016:

    • 7 Certificates of Proficiency
    • 16 Certificates of Achievement
    •   7  Non-Transfer Degrees
    • 29 Transfer Degrees
      (including 17 Associate Degrees for Transfer - CSU)

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    Degrees & Certificates

    Gainful Employment Programs Disclosure:

    In order to be eligible for funding under the Title IV Programs, an educational program must lead to a degree or prepare students for "gainful employment in a recognized occupation."

    The U.S. Department of Education requires that we disclose information about our occupation degrees and certificates that lead to Gainful Employment (GE) in a recognized occupation.  They also require that we report certain information about our students who enroll in Title IV-eligible educational programs.

    We have information about these programs listed below.  Here you will find some of the possible occupations this degree/certificate may lead to, how long it might take and how much it might cost to complete the program.  We will continue to provide more information, such as job placement rates, as it becomes available.

    The U.S. Department of Education suggests that you visit O*NET online at  for more information on occupations.  O*NET is provided by the U.S. Department of Labor.

    Click on a link below for more information about these certificates: 

    Automotive:  Engine Performance & Driveability
    Automotive:  Transmission Service, Repair and Overhaul
    Automotive:  Air Conditioning and Heating Services and Repair
    Automotive:  Steering and Suspension Service
    Automotive:  Alternative Fuel Vehicles
    Computer Information Systems
    Computer Programming
    Culinary Arts
    Fire Technology
    Graphic Design Technology
    Vocational Nursing
    Associate Teacher (Child Development)
    Teacher (Child Development)
    Master Teacher (Child Development)

    Watch for new and revised Associate Degrees for transfer which will guarantee your admission with junior standing to the CSU system! We will identify qualifying Degrees on the list (above link) as "Transfer Degrees with a Guarantee" .

    For more information about SB 1440: The Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (STAR), Please click HERE.

    General Education Patterns:

    For all associate degrees, it is important to maintain the philosophy that the associate degree represents more than an accumulation of units.  Instead, it embodies completion of a well-defined pattern of learning experiences that are designed to develop certain capabilities.  Title 5 describes the completion of general education as a learning experience that demonstrates:

    "the ability to think and to communicate clearly and effectively both orally and in writing; to use mathematics; to understand the modes of inquiry of the major disciplines; to be aware of other cultures and times; to achieve insights gained through experience in thinking about ethical problems; and to develop the capacity for self-understanding."

    Listed below are links to the General Education Patterns for CMC, CSU and IGETC.

    Additional links - for more information:

    Additional links - for more information:

    Health Sciences/Nursing

    Desert Studies

    2 Year Program Course Cycles