Copper Mountain College Students make visit to Boys and Girls Club

    November 19, 2009


    JOSHUA TREE, Ca – Copper Mountain College students made a special visit to the Yucca Valley Boys and Girls club last week to spend some time with the clubs kids.

    Copper Mountain College’s federally funded TRiO program, also known as The Transfer Empowerment Program (TEP), has been spending a great deal of time connecting within their community. Over the past week they visited a senior center enjoying Bingo with the residents and on Friday they also spent time at the Boys and Girls club involved in a “True Colors” Workshop.

    The “True Colors” workshop consists of a fairly simple personality assessment.  It quickly and effectively explores each individual’s most passionate joys, strengths, and stressors.  The workshop is a culmination of many years of testing and revisions.  It has evolved from more complex assessments into its own uncomplicated fun version that is presently used in countries all over the world.  It also indicates which careers appeal most to each of the four colors.

    The kids participating in the workshop had the opportunity to learn more about their personal values and become more sensitive to other people.  It was an excellent way to tune the kids into becoming more aware that people have different needs and values than they have.  Hopefully, for some it was an opportunity to expose them to taking a special look at increasing their acceptance of others and also to develop the understanding that there will be diversity among family members and friends and differences can be a good thing that makes life more colorful and less boring!  The kids also practiced how they could best contribute to a team project.  For some, this became an opportunity to discover how to relate to others whose “True Colors” are different than theirs.

    Carmen Diamond, the Transfer Empowerment Program Counselor, who ran the workshop stated, “Familiarizing the kids early, getting them more aware of the college, more excited about learning while also allowing them to experience some of the fun activities we offer in our special programs at CMC is only one goal.” She went on to say, “The goals are two-fold because programs like this encourage not only the kids, but a CMC student who participates in volunteer activities of this nature will develop a stronger affiliation with the positive energy and leadership skills involved in “giving to others.”  In TEP and at CMC, developing a healthy community consciousness and spirit are critical components of educating and developing the “whole person.” 

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