Mari Collier will have reading at Copper Mountain College

    October 26, 2009

    JOSHUA TREE, Ca – Author Mari Collier will hold a reading at Copper Mountain College as part of an author’s series on Tuesday, November 3rd beginning at 6:00 p.m. in Bruce’s Coyote Kitchen.

    The troubled times of post-Civil War Texas do not offer a likely setting for extraterrestrials, especially ETs that operate farms, raise children, herd cattle, and engage in the occasional gun fight, but apparently local author Mari Collier failed to receive that memo because that’s just what her novel, Gather the Children, offers.

    In her first book of this trilogy, two families of aliens have mixed their genes with ours and do whatever is necessary to return home. This is a story of memorable characters, profound relationships, enduring love, and exotic alien rites and rituals.

    This reading is part of an ongoing series of author and speaker events sponsored by the Copper Mountain College Foundation.  Ms. Mari Collier will sign books after the event while light refreshments are being served. 

    For more information regarding this event or how you can become involved with the CMC Foundation, please contact Syndee Slayton at 760.366.5296. For general information regarding Copper Mountain College, visit or call 760.366.3791.