Copper Mountain College Foundation to Host Unity Home Speaker

    October 6, 2009

    JOSHUA TREE, Ca –Copper Mountain College will host a presentation on “Domestic Violence and its Effects on Women and Children” by Unity Home’s Susanna Barnett on October 13, 2009, from 6-8:00 p.m.

    Susanna Barnett has been employed as a Domestic Violence Counselor for Morongo Basin Unity Home for over 11 years. Morongo Basin Unity Home is a domestic violence agency providing confidential emergency shelter as well as outreach services. Outreach services include temporary restraining orders, individual counseling, supervised visitations and support groups to help women build their self-esteem. Unity Home also provides a 24-hour crisis hotline. In 2008 Unity Home’s advocates answered over 900 crisis calls and sheltered 200 women and children.

    Ms. Barnett is originally from Sweden, and English is her third language of the five that she speaks fluently. She earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing while in Sweden. Ms. Barnett is a passionate and knowledgeable speaker who works with all facets of our community to provide education and awareness on the important subject of domestic violence.

    Over the years, counselors and instructional faculty at CMC have recognized the complementary roles that Unity Home and the college play in the lives of numerous people. On a daily basis, classes at CMC are attended by women, who, because of Unity Home, have changed their status from that of victim to that of self-determining student. These are people who have endured life’s darkest hours, often shielding their children from verbal and physical violence, women who are today gaining strength, skills, and confidence with every class.

    While there are many approaches to overcoming the trauma of domestic violence (a secure environment, a restraining order, and counseling), there is also the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, the social and academic experience of study groups and purposeful work, and the uplifting friendships found in following a common dream. To these ends, CMC and Unity Home share a mission of hope and self-determination for all those who would seek their services within the Morongo Basin.

    This event is part of the CMC Foundation’s Cultural Events 2009 Calendar of Events.  The presentation will take place at Bruce Campbell’s award winning cafeteria, Bruce’s Coyote Kitchen on the CMC campus on Tuesday evening, October 13, 2009, from 6-8:00 p.m. Admission is free, and refreshments will be provided. The event will be followed by questions and answers. Children are welcome, and CMC advisors and Unity Home counselors will also be in attendance to answer questions.

    For more information about the event or general information regarding Copper Mountain College visit us at or 760-366-3791.