Copper Mountain College Starts Fall Semester

    August 25, 2009


    JOSHUA TREE, Ca –Students started returning to class last Monday as Copper Mountain College began gearing up for brimming fall enrollments fueled, in part, by a sluggish economy.

    The school year started with preliminary numbers showing an increase of 860 in duplicated headcount with students still registering as classes began while the number of students attending remained steady. In turn Copper Mountain College saw the continuing trend of students taking more classes.

    More students may also be turning to the community college system due to the State University’s limited admissions policies. Students attending California Community Colleges paid an average of $600 in tuition for the 07-08 school years as compared to $3,797 at Cal State Schools and $8,007 in the University of California System.

    Copper Mountain College is trying to make the college opportunity available to more people by offering convenient class locations, on-line and hybrid classes as well as late start and 5-week accelerated courses.  With the average lifetime earnings of a graduate with an associate’s degree at $1.6M, that is $400,000 more than for a high school graduate. Copper Mountain College knows how important it is for residents in the basin to receive an education.

    For more information regarding Copper Mountain College, or for a listing of classes, visit us at or call 760.366.3791.