Active Duty Marines Prepare for College Success at CMC.

    October 25, 2013

    As part of a voluntary education program offered through the MCAGCC Base Education Department, twenty-four Marines descended upon Copper Mountain College to take part in a college immersion program entitled, “Classroom Acculturation for College Success”.

    During their visit, the Marines were provided with information and resources necessary for success in any college environment.  This included visits and representation from most of the CMC instructional departments, financial aid, online learning, student services, VA benefits specialist, and a special address by Copper Mountain’s Dean of Instruction, Joe DeSantis.  At the end of the visit the Marines stated that they felt well informed and were looking forward to taking the next step in working towards their educational goals.


    Zachary Ginder, Coordinator of Base Programs said, “Our men and women in service are not strangers to facing challenges head-on; through the Classroom Acculturation for College Success program, I am confident that the service members we met today will be able to face any educational challenge ahead, and ultimately succeed in reaching their goals.  I am pleased that Copper Mountain College is an integral part of such an excellent program.”  
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