Copper Mountain College is One Step Closer to the Christine Proudfoot Student Activity Center!

    October 10, 2013

    In honor of his wife Betty, who passed away in 2010, Col. E. T. (Bud) Garrett USMC (ret.) gave a generous $25,000 donation to the Christine Proudfoot Student Activity Center at Copper Mountain College.  

    Garrett’s donation will allow for the design and designation of a unique area in the Center to be named “Bud & Betty’s Place for Veterans”.   This will be a special place on campus where CMC students who have served our country in the Armed Forces can call their own.  Approximately eight percent of CMC’s students are veterans.

    Garrett and his family are no strangers to the Morongo Basin and have been actively involved for the past thirty years in many other fund raising efforts for Copper Mountain College Foundation. His donation brings the College one step closer to having an activity center for all of CMC students.  

    Another $220,000 is still needed to meet the Foundation’s major gifts campaign goal of $500,000.  The Student Activity Center will provide a comfortable gathering place for students to build social and interpersonal skills as well as the development of professional relationships outside of the classroom.

    To learn more about Bud and Betty’s Place for Veterans and the Christine Proudfoot Student Activity Center or to find out how to make a donation, call (760) 366-3791 ext. 4200 or go online to

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