Learn About the Sex Life of Bugs at Copper Mountain College

    October 1, 2012

    Birds do it. Bees do it. Let’s investigate how bugs do it. Biologist Stephanie Ritter will be sharing her expertise on the sex life of bugs, along with presenting her personal bug collection during the monthly brown bag cultural event at Copper Mountain Community College, October 11th at 12:00 noon in classroom 103. The event is hosted by the Cultural Education Enhancement Committee (CEEC).  The event will also feature “Edible Insects” prepared by Dr. Vala Stults. Mealy Mac n’ Cheese or locust popcorn - eat one if you dare!  Student clubs will be holding a non-buggy bake sale.  For more information contact Cathy Allen at 760-366-3791, ext. 0600.
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