Copper Mountain College’s Titanic Dinner an Enormous Success, Saturday, April 28, 2012.

    May 8, 2012

    More than 400 passengers set sail on a Titanic voyage last Saturday evening at Copper Mountain College’s Bell Center to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the sinking.  The main gymnasium was transformed into one of history's most iconic tragedies.  The student organized event included an evening of dining and entertainment like no other.  First-class passengers enjoyed a nine course meal, second-class passengers were treated to six courses and third-class passengers enjoyed a dinner of beef stew, bread and desert.  The idea for the event was created by CMC’s Professor Cathy Itnyre and was staged by the combined works of students from the College’s Honor Society, Art Club, Art Department and History Department. 

    No detail was spared in designing the event, from the mural depicting the ship sinking, to the table linens and tapestry chairs resembling those on the Titanic. White-shirted staff, student volunteers, representing uniforms of the White Star line, and a Captain Smith look-alike, CMC Superintendent/President Roger Wagner, greeted guests as they boarded the ship.

    After the Captain’s welcome he announced the noted Titanic Scholar and author, Lee Meredith, who gave a brief overview of Titanic facts.  Following Mr. Meredith was Assemblyman and CMC faculty member, Paul Cook, who spoke on celebrating historic events.

    The four hour event included period music by Tim Kelly and Owen Willingham, and period dance by CMC students Roshanda Dodds and Joseph Standsberry.  Matt Evans, one of CMC’s nationally recognized Speech and Debate team members, delighted the passengers by reading two famous poems about the Titanic. Other performers included singer Jessie Massey, Ragtime music performed by local musician Ed Will, and a Bagpipe tribute to the Titanic passengers by Joel Daniel.  Bob Dunn, owner of State Farm Insurance in Yucca Valley declared, “A great time, an out-of-the-box event that turned out to be a great time for everyone.”


    Roshanda Dodds and Joseph Standsberry

    Chef for the evening was none other than CMC’s own Bruce Campbell from Bruce’s Coyote Kitchen.  Bruce’s three distinct and elaborate dinner menus equally matched the atmosphere and décor that made this event “A Night to Remember.”