Copper Mountain College’s Two Honor Societies Offer Students Leadership & Scholarship Opportunities

    January 18, 2012

    Copper Mountain College’s two honor societies, The Alpha Sigma chapter of the national Alpha Beta Gamma Honor Society and Beta Rho Pi, CMC’s chapter of the national Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, offer CMC students outstanding leadership and scholarship opportunities throughout the academic year.
    The Alpha Sigma Honor Society recognizes outstanding work by CMC students majoring in Business, Economics, Computer Information Systems, and Computer Science.  Students who meet the rigorous academic requirements of the Society are invited to join each spring.  
    Alpha Beta Gamma is an international business honor society founded in 1970 to encourage leadership, scholarship, and cooperation among students in their studies and in their professional lives.  “Although the honor society has functioned primarily for recognition of excellent students, new faculty and student initiates have put forward some awesome ideas for community, social, academic, and professional activities in the near future,” explains Melynie Schiel, CMC’s Alpha Sigma’s Faculty Advisor.
    The school’s Beta Rho Pi chapter is an honor society for community college students founded in 1918. To join, students must have a 3.5 GPA.  “The benefits Beta Rho Pi offers are leadership and accessibility to college scholarships that add to the total college experience for the students,” says Cathy Itnyre, Co-Advisor with Dean Piper to the Honor Society. “Our chapter started in fall of 2009 because Dr. Wagner, CMC’s President was determined that CMC have a Beta Rho Pi Chapter,” Itnyre adds.
    Being a CMC Honor Society member helps the admission process when transferring to a four year school.  Students Interested in the Alpha Sigma Honor Society can contact Melynie Schiel at For information on the Beta Rho Pi Honor Society contact Cathy Itnyre at 760-366-3791, extension 0263.