Copper Mountain College Foundation Beneficiary of Connie Cooper Memorial Book Fund

    January 5, 2012

    Copper Mountain College Foundation (CMCF) recently received a very generous donation from Khristy and Bonnie Warch. Wanting to do something special to honor their mother, Connie Cooper, Khristy and Bonnie established the Connie Cooper Memorial Book Fund at the Copper Mountain College Foundation.  


    Their mother, Connie Cooper, taught Home Economics at Fullerton College before moving to the Morongo Basin.  Ahead of her time, Mrs. Cooper hosted a cooking show before the Food Network was even imagined. Her daughters still have the tapes of their mother in her 1970s circa apron and hairdo teaching viewers classic cooking techniques.  
    This past semester, the Foundation used the Connie Cooper Memorial Book Fund to purchase two sets of encyclopedias, The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and the Grove Encyclopedia of American Art for the Copper Mountain College Foundation.  “What a perfect way to remember their mother.  These encyclopedias will be a lasting memorial to Mrs. Cooper, benefiting CMC students for years to come,” notes Sandy Smith, Executive Director of Copper Mountain College Foundation.
    According to CMC librarian, Carolyn Hopkins, “both encyclopedia sets are in great demand by our students and, while we did have a Psychology set, it was very much out of date.”  
    Khristy and Bonnie were very happy to see the embossed nameplates in each book of the four volume series with their mother’s name prominently displayed.  “Our mom would love this, and how we are honoring her memory,” says Kristy.
    Honoring a loved one through the Copper Mountain College Foundation is a gift that truly makes a difference. For additional information visit; or phone 760-366-3791x5012.