Students Continue To Receive Federal Financial Aid For Tuition at CMC

    October 28, 2011

    A large portion of Copper Mountain College students continue to receive financial assistance from the federal government towards tuition at CMC. “For Community College students there is a large amount of aid available to them,” explains Brian Heinemann, CMC’s Financial Aid Director. “It is not difficult to access this aid for both students and also their parents who may want to continue their education. We want the community to know this resource is available to them,” Heinemann adds.
    About 90% of all CMC students receive financial aid from the federal government by filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The Board of Governors waiver funds students to take an unlimited amount of units until they earn enough to graduate. Most students end up paying very little for their education at CMC by taking advantage of these opportunities.  
    Tuition at CMC is currently $36 per unit; however, it is planned to increase for the summer of 2012.  By taking 15 units per semester and completing 60 units in two years for an Associate Degree, students can then transfer to a four-year college or university saving themselves two years of higher tuition.
    The FAFSA application is also the manner in which students apply for the Pell Grant that provides up to $5,550 a year towards living expenses, transportation, books and supplies.  The application is available at (  All FAFSA information is submitted online, and assistance for filling out the application is available at CMC’s financial aid office if needed.  By filing the FAFSA form, students are applying for all federal and state aid – one form for all types of aid.  
    To learn more about different types of financial aid, please refer to