Copper Mountain College Foundation Honors Greg Gilbert as a Lifetime Honorary Director

    August 2, 2011

    Greg Gilbert was recently honored as he retired from Copper Mountain College. He served for 16 years with distinction on the CMC faculty from the College’s beginnings and for five years preceding its formal separation from College of the Desert.

    Mr. Gilbert has been an active member of the Board of Directors of the Copper Mountain College Foundation and its precursor, Friends of Copper Mountain College since 1966.  Mr. Gilbert has been a consistently spirited advocate for sharing the cultural richness of the College with the larger community. He has chaired the Foundation’s Cultural Events committee. He also created and advised “Howl,” the campus literary magazine, now in its 15th year. He led in the development of a speakers program devoted to literary and social engagement.

    Throughout his tenure at CMC, Mr. Gilbert has sought ways to network with other entities throughout the Morongo Basin. This is exemplified by his service on the elected governing board of the Morongo Unified School District and on the Joshua Tree National Park Association’s board of directors.  Mr. Gilbert was made an honorary board member to join the ranks of Mike Styles, Christine Proudfoot, Genevieve Salisbury, Tony Dindio, Owen Gillick, and Bob Burke.

    The Copper Mountain College Foundation appreciates Mr. Gilbert’s years of service and devotion. He truly made a difference.