Copper Mountain College Citizens' Oversight Committee Issues Annual Report to the Community

    August 1, 2011

    Copper Mountain College Citizens' Oversight Committee recently issued its Annual Report to the Community. Per the California Education Code, the Committee must inform the public concerning the expenditure of bond revenues.  Everyone at CMC would like to thank the citizens involved who made the time and effort to volunteer for this important job of informing the local community how CMC has utilized bond money received. To View the report visit; C Bond.

    A significant portion of funds spent cited in the Bond Expenditure Update, Measure “C” Projects went to the; ”Remodel For Efficiency Project”,  the  Energy  Conversation Project with Chevron and the Utility Infrastructure ll. ““Copper Mountain Community College District would like to thank the Citizens’ Oversight Committee members for their considerable time and effort to ensure appropriate oversight of the bond fund.  This Measure C Bond Fund would not have been possible if it were not for the voters of the Morongo Basin who approved the bond.  Growth and development continues at Copper Mountain College as a result of the effort of the citizens of the Morongo Basin,” notes Chief Business Officer, Meredith Plummer.
     Paul Hoffman, Chairman of the Committee sent a message to the community.  “Your investment in the future of our College is showing a great return. We continue to watch and monitor the progress in construction and we encourage you to visit and see for yourself the various phases of completion that has occurred to make our Community College a finer place for education.” Past and present members of the Committee include; Randy Councell, Ruth Crites, Phil Curra, Gary Daigneault, Robert Dockendorf, Robert Dunn, Douglas Fetzer, David Fick, Paul Hoffman, Mickey Luckman, Albert Marquez, Ramon Mendoza, Elizabeth Meyer, Yaniv Newman, Michael Tree, Sue Tsuda, Jim Ventura and Barbara Weeda.