What do I need to know about Online Learning?

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    How do I know if an online / distance education class is for me?

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    Click HERE to view a series of Introduction to Online Learning  Tutorials provided by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office.

    • Introduction to Online Learning
    • Online vs. Classroom
    • How Does it Work?
    • Debunking Myths
    • Common Myths

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    Click HERE to view a series of Online Student Readiness Tutorials provided by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office.

    • Introduction to Online Learning
    • Getting Tech Ready
    • Organizing for Online Success
    • Communication Skills for Online Learning
    • Online Reading Strategies ... and more!

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    Successful Students are

    • great at time management. They plan to spend about 3 hours per credit per week (9-12 hrs per week for a 3 credit course) on their classwork. This will include the online activities, study, assignment/papers, and research time.
    • self motivated. Successful online students tend to be self-starters and are self-motivated to learn the subject.
    • independent learners. They need very little supervision and are able to stay on task without a great deal of classroom interaction. They understand that the instructor cannot see their facial expressions or read their body language which might suggest they do not understand a concept or point. They know they must let their instructor know when they need help or more explanation.
    • comfortable using this technology. Successful students have good computer skills and knowledge.  They are comfortable navigating the internet; downloading files and plugins; using email including sending attachments; opening and saving files; installing software; troubleshooting problems with their computer, browser or internet connection; uploading files; changing software settings and launching programs.

    Do I need anything special?

    • You will need to provide your own computer. We recommend Windows 2000 or higher and Mac OS 10.3 (“Panther”) or higher for your operating system.
    • You will need an active email account preferably formatted with your first.last name. Inappropriate (offensive) email addresses will not be accepted in our academic setting.
    • You will need to use Microsoft Word for your papers and assignments to be compatible with our college. Our instructors will not be able to access your papers properly if submitted in other formats.  The Foundation for California Community Colleges offers student discounts: Foundation for California Community Colleges - College Buys.  We have found that the products from OpenOffice.org work well.  And in most cases if you save your document in Rich Text Format or .rtf our instructors are able to open your document.
    • You will need to have reliable internet access and an updated browser. We recommend that you use Firefox or Internet Explorer (IE) for your browser.  Blackboard is not compatible with all browsers. Due to the wide variety of computer hardware/software/browser combinations available, it is nearly impossible to give a comprehensive list of settings but here are some common things to check - be sure that your browser settings enable the use of Java. If you are using IE8, be sure that all websites display in compatibility view and your pop up blocker is off. You may also want to add http://cmccd.blackboard.com as a trusted site.
    We highly recommend that you clean up your computer before class starts for best performance. Run a thorough virus scan of your hard drive. Using your “system tools” run a disk cleanup - be sure to remove cookies and temporary files which take up lots of space and slow you down. Finally, de-frag your hard drive.

    I've registered for an online class.  Now what?

    You will be able to log into your class the first day of the semester.  Students must complete substantive work in their online class the first week (or first day during summer session) or you may be dropped from class.

    There are multiple ways to login to Blackboard!  

    MyCMC_Logo2  Single login through MyCMC.  Log in to MyCMC and look for a link in your Bookmarks.  This link will take you directly to Blackboard.  You will not need to login again in Blackboard.

    • This bookmark link will appear in MyCMC just before the start of the semester.
    • If your instructor has their Blackboard class open, your class will show under My Courses.  If your instructor has not opened their Blackboard class you will see a notice that you are not enrolled in any classes.

    You can use the Blackboard link on our webpage (www.cmccd.edu) to go to the Blackboard login page.  Your username is your CMC student ID and password is “student” or whatever you have changed it to.

    • Once logged into Bb you can (and should) change your password.  From the “My Home Page” tab, click on the link to “Personal Information”.  It is inside the box labeled “Tools” (left side of your screen).  Click on the “Change Password” link.
    Go directly to our Blackboard site:  https://cmccd.blackboard.com  This will bring you to the login page.

    To log out of Blackboard click on this icon Bb_log_out_button in the top right of your screen:  

    Always remember to log out when using a public computer!

    I've registered for a regular (face-to-face or f2f) class but my instructor is also using Blackboard.  How do I access the information?

    Your instructor will let you know when you will be able to access the Blackboard portion of your class.

    Orientation for students using Blackboard for their class:

    This is an opportunity to navigate a class in Blackboard. Sign up today! Space is limited.

    Spring 2016:
    DAY of the Week
     TIME of day
     Main Campus Room
    January 12, 2016

    To sign-up please call 760-366-3791 extension 5911 or email onlinehelp@cmccd.edu and specify which date you would like to attend.
    Copper Mountain College
    6162 Rotary Way
    Joshua Tree, California 92252
    (760) 366-3791 ext. 5911