Nurse Assistant Program


    You must attend an information session prior to registering for the class. Please contact the Health Sciences/Nursing Programs Office for dates and times.

    The Nurse Assistant (NA) Program prepares men and women to assist with the routine care and treatment of patients in health care facilities. Working under the direction of the nursing and medical staff, activities of the Certified Nurse Assistant include providing personal care, maintaining safety, and assisting with activities of daily living.

    Successful completion of the Program results in eligibility to take the State approved tests that lead to certification as a Nurse Assistant. The course of study includes 72 hours of classroom instruction and at least 100 hours of clinical practice in long-term care facilities. Students wishing to enter the Program should have completed the College assessment tests demonstrating eligibility for English 51. Students seeking admission to the course will need to complete information disclosing any past criminal record. If a history exists that has not been cleared with the Department of Health Services, the student will not be able to continue in the Program. Information regarding the program may be obtained from the Health Sciences/Nursing Programs office.

    NOTE:  The NA Program requires a criminal background check.   Students should be aware that the results of the background check may have an impact on academic program eligibility or clinical/community site placement.  Students may be denied access to the program on the basis of the results of the background check.  The College is required to comply with licensing requirements and with policies of our partner agencies.  If you have a felony or a misdemeanor in your background, please see your program chair to discuss the impact on your academic and professional career.




    Important Forms

    NA Program Expenses

    Penal Code Sections List

    Hepatitis B Q&A Sheet

    NA Student Policy & Procedure Handbook

    For more information contact:

    Phone: (760) 366-3791 ext. 5801
    Email: Health Sciences/Nursing Programs Department