Mission Statement, Core Values, Vision

    Mission Statement

    The Copper Mountain Community College District Office of Human Resources is dedicated to providing premier, unparalleled expertise in all aspects of Human Resources services, which are aligned with the District's Mission and entrusted by the Board of Trustees.

    Through a collaborative effort, the Office of Human Resources encourages a service culture which promotes a productive, accountable and performance driven work environment. We continually strive to ensure a seamless approach to Human Resources activities that integrate with the total range of Human Resources services provided. We are committed to the professional development of our team. We represent the best of Human Resources to the community while supporting and promoting diversity, innovation, flexibility and excellence throughout the organization.

    We represent the highest degree of professionalism and are supported by committed members of diverse talents, interests and experiences.

    Core Values

    • Integrity, honesty and shared responsibility in all we do;

    • Unlimited capability of the HR team;

    • Power of individual and team commitment;

    • Quality and excellence in delivery of HR services;

    • Creativity and innovation through continuous learning and improvement;

    • Accountability and ownership for our successes and opportunities for growth and enhancement;

    • Efficiency and effectiveness in our work;

    • Sensitivity, care and concern for all those we serve;

    • Creating and maintaining an environment that instills trust and confidence;

    • Commitment to diversity within our community;

    • Harmony and unity of our HR team.


    • We accept the most difficult challenges as opportunities for further growth;

    • We work in a cooperative spirit with our colleagues, Board of Trustees, Administrators, students and the community;

    • We welcome change as an opportunity for continuous growth and improvement;

    • We seek innovative technology to improve quality and expand the breadth of our services;

    • We promote continuous learning and professional development;

    • We draw upon individual and team contributions to achieve excellence;

    • We are energized by common goals and an environment of open and honest communication;

    • We foster a “can do” spirit;

    • We provide a personal touch in our delivery of services;

    • We are personally fulfilled and invigorated by our work.