Measure C Bond


    In November, 2004 voters in the Copper Mountain Community College District approved a 19.72 million dollar Bond Measure that will allow the college district to expand, improve, and renovate college facilities for students.


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    Purpose of Bond Monies

    Projects Timeline & Budgets, Expenditures to Date, Nursing Lab Detail  

    • Expand and renovate the Nurse Training Program by expanding classrooms, labs and other facilities needed for the training of nurses.

    • Renovate and add science and technology labs and classrooms to be used for career and job training, and add classrooms for students whose goal it is to transfer to a 4-year university.

    • Expand and renovate career training facilities in the fields of Fire Science and Administration of Justice.

    • Build, relocate, and renovate career training facilities in the Construction Trades Industry.

    • Add Solar Fields to allow Copper Mountain College to save and conserve on energy usage.

    • Replace aging, outdated AV tech rooms and add a Learning Center.

    • Replace aging, outdated AC/HAC systems.

    • Expand library and additional tutor rooms.

    • Construct additional classrooms, conference rooms and offices campus-wide.

    • Construct Bookstore and Alumni Foundation offices.

    • Construct facilities necessary to develop a Desert Studies program.

    • Construct a Child Development Center for early childhood education.

    • Add additional computers and needed technology campus-wide.

    • Upgrade and renovate computer labs used for career training.

    • Make seismic, safety and American with Disabilities Act upgrades and improvements.

    • Renovate and repair college buildings.

    • Add hi-tech infrastructure to increase the number of Distance Learning students.

    • Computer administration system to include registration, student data base capability, web-based access system; and other functions such as human resources and finances.

    • Infrastructure – traffic signal, parking lots, roadways.

    • Maintenance Building.

    • Acquire equipment for vocational, career and job training programs.

    Citizens Oversight Committee

                            David Fick                                Paul Hoffman

                            Mickey Luckman                     Albert Marquez

                            Ramon Mendoza                    Sue Tsuda

                            Jim Ventura 

    The Copper Mountain Community College District appointed the Citizen's Oversight Committee on February 3, 2005.

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