Making Headlines

    Copper Mountain College graduates Class of 2016

    Hi-Desert Star 5/27/16

    Our lives are in their hands; Copper Mountain College nursing students take finals steps of college training

    May 27, 2016 Hi-Desert Star

    Scholarship winner plans future as law officer

    Hi-Desert star 4/15/16

    Golfers tee off to help CMC students

    Hi-Desert Star 4/6/16

    Bird Singers and Dancers Delight at CMC

     Hi-Desert Star 4/6/16

    Feels Like Real Life

    Hi-Desert Star (Basin Wide Spirit) 1/2016

    Yucca Valley students paint mural at college

    Hi-Desert Star 12/4/2015

    Bud and Betty’s Place For Veterans opens

    Hi-Desert Star 11/13/2015

    Copper Mountain College Foundation director helps Brazilian educators

    The Desert Trail 11/4/2015

    Scholars meet donors at annual tea

    The Desert Trail 9/11/2015

    College students complete internships

     The Desert Trail 7/8/2015

    We're here today because we didn't quit

     Hi-Desert Star 5/27/2015

    College leader has background in rural work

    Hi-Desert Star 5/12/2015

    College picks four finalist for new president

    Hi-Desert Star 4/21/2015

    Copper Mountain College is desert jewel

    Hi-Desert Star 3/28/2015

    Without education, no economy can flourish

    Hi-Desert Star 3/13/2015

    College shows off health and nursing programs

    Hi-Desert Star 3/3/2015

    CMC gives veterans their own place

    Hi-Desert Star 11/7/2014

    Community comes out for Lear fire station open house

    The Desert Trail 10/15/2014

    Students to track success with new plans

    Hi-Desert Star 8/20/2014

    CMC student center to open this year

    The Desert Trail 8/6/2014

    Copper Mountain College interim leader makes enrollment top priority

    Hi-Desert Star 8/1/2014

    Greenleaf scholar receives bachelor’s degree

    Hi-Desert Star 6/19/2014

    Nurses advised to remember compassion, moral code

    Hi-Desert Star 5/23/2014

    Have a cow art

     Hi-Desert Star 5/13/2014

    Copper Mountain College's Wagner eyes Victor Valley leadership

    The Desert Trail 5/12/2014

    Glass Outhouse shows college student work

    The Desert Trail 12/3/2013

    Greenery rakes in the green

    The Desert Trail 11/27/2013

    Copper Mountain College teacher gets class ready to fight fires

    Hi-Desert Star 11/5/2013

    College to name student center after Christine Proudfoot

     Hi-Desert Star 8/9/2013

    College approves $11.9 million budget

    H-Desert Star 6/28/2013

    CMC graduates celebrate personal progress

     Hi-Desert Star 5/24/2013

    Scholarship to finance 29 Palms student’s college

    H-Desert Star 5/17/2013

    Show and sell Students find eager buyers

    Hi-Desert Star 5/14/2013

    Tortoises thrive in college lifestyle

    Hi-Desert Star 4/10/2013

    Library's grand opening is final chapter for voters' bond

     Hi-Desert Star 3/22/2013

    Spell-A-Thon raises $3,000 for literacy training in Morongo Basin

     The Desert Trail 3/13/13

    Wreaths rake in the goods for college

     Hi-Desert Star 11/21/12

    History makes the best mystery

    Hi-Desert Star 10/26/12

    Cash-strapped college pledges no layoffs 

    Hi-Desert Star 9/28/12

    Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life

    Hi-Desert Star 8/15/12

    College plans for career-training center

    Hi-Desert Star 7/29/2012

    College expecting more cuts from the state

    Hi-Desert Star 6/23/2012

    Kids delve into desert, look to the stars

    Hi-Desert Star 6/23/2012

    College launches intern partnership

    Photo #2

    Hi-Desert Star 6/9/2012

    College graduates celebrate triumphs

    Hi-Desert Star 5/25/2012

    Debater takes national bronze

    Hi-Desert Star 4/25/12

    Labyrinth makes space for vets

    Hi-Desert Star 4/25/12

    Raise GT score with college prep class

    Observation Post 4/6/12

    Kaleidoscope Days @ CMC

    The Desert Trail 6/30/10

    80-year-old woman is senior grad

    Hi-Desert Star 6/5/10

    15-year-old earns three degrees before diploma

    Hi-Desert Star 5/29/2010

    Graduating Class of 2010

    Hi-Desert Star 5/29/2010

    YVHS girl wins full scholarship

    Hi-Desert Star 5/5/2010

    Dinner raises $12,000 for college

    Hi-Desert Star 10-28-09

    Student Numbers grow

    Hi-Desert Star 10-28-09

    New Gym Takes Shape

    Hi-Desert Star 10-24-09

    Faculty gives thousands for college scholarships

    Hi-Desert Star 10-24-09

    Award Winning Splendor

    Hi-Desert Star 10-24-09

    A serious subject-Susanna Barnett

    Hi-Desert Star 10-24-09

    Popular Author-Paolo Ficara

    Hi-Desert Star 10-17-09

    Bell Center gym half finished

    Hi-Desert Star 7-1-09

    College Halves Classes as State Falters

    Hi-Desert Star 6-25-09

    Hospital hires graduates of nursing program

    Hi-Desert Star 6-24-09

    Ravens targeted for removal after killing desert tortoises

    The Desert Sun 6-22-09

    Combat Center Helps Students

    Combat Center News 6-5-09

    College is one of community’s gifts

    Hi-Desert Star 5-27-09

    College sets record with registered nurses

    Hi-Desert Star 5-23-09

    Grads told to follow hearts

    Hi-Desert Star 5-23-09

    LVN, career is source of pride

    Hi-Desert Star 5-23-09

    Basin offered water wise workshops

    Hi-Desert Star 3-14-09

    College continues to mature Writer, too

    Hi-Desert Star 3-14-09

    Back to School in SoCal

    LA Times-Special Section 3-8-09

    Hospital thanks College for Contributions

    Hi-Desert Star 2-18-09

    Municipal Advisory Meeting

    Hi-Desert Star 1-17-09

    Locals Involved in CMC Construction (LTE)

    Hi-Desert Star 1-17-09

    CMC Pins CMC Nursing Assistants

    Hi-Desert Star 11-15-08

    CMC Candidates Air Views

    The Desert Trail 10-30-08 

    College kids get jump start on teaching careers

    Hi-Desert Star 10-29-08

    CMC forum set

    Hi-Desert Star 10-25-08

    CMC Offers "how to go to college" class

    The Observation Post 10-16-08

    Benefactor helps break gym ground

    Hi-Desert Star 10-4-08

    College to break ground for new gym

    Hi-Desert Star 9-24-08 

    CMC Tortoises get their own space

    The Desert Trail 9-18-08

    Water Symposium Urges Sharing

    Hi-Desert Star 9-17-08

    CMC Participates in Eco-Summit

    Hi-Desert Star 9-10-08

    Pros guide workshops

    Hi-Desert Star 8-23-08

    Trustee hopefuls predict big future

    Hi-Desert Star 8-23-08 

    CMC Activates Emergency Text System

    Hi-Desert Star 8-20-08

    Scholarship will aid Sky High School grads

    Hi-Desert Star 8-15-08

    Gillick Files for CMC election

    Hi-Desert Star 8-13-08

    Fresh Coat of Paint for CMC

    Hi-Desert Star 8-9-08

    Artist want to stack stone on Black Mesa

    Hi-Desert Star 8-8-08

    College Adds to Faculty

    Hi- Desert Star 8-6-08

    New names enter Copper Mountain College Foundation

    Hi-Desert Star 7-21-08

    Wagner moves up to lead college

    Hi-Desert Star 7-21-08