Information Services

    The staff of Information Services are highly trained Computer Support Specialists who have a primary focus, stated below:

    We strive to make available to all of our Students, Staff, Faculty, and Support Personnel the most efficient, productive, and cost-effective Computing Structure available, whether it be Workstations, Servers, Software, Printing Solutions, Specialized Applications (such as Tutoring Software, Accessibility for the Disabled), etc. all the pieces that fit together to provide the best possible environment for those learning about, working with, and teaching a variety of computing technologies.

    The goal we strive to achieve is - Everything Works, All the Time!
    We're here to make sure that those who come to learn, teach or work with computers have at their disposal the best we can provide. Our classrooms are well equipped for instructors and faculty teaching dozens of computers subjects, and for the students ease of use. Full Internet access is available, as well as a campus wide Intranet, shared with our offsite location at the 29 Palms Marine Air Ground Combat Center. We maintain our own Exchange Server for faculty email, our buildings are all wired so as to allow the placement of computing equipment in any room anywhere on campus. We utilize the latest Voice over IP telephone systems. Our support staff can maintain, repair, diagnose, upgrade, and evaluate nearly any computer based technology, either PC or Macintosh, whether personal workstations or custom servers.

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    Information Services Staff

    Steven D. Kemp
    Director of Information Services
    760.366.3791 Ext. 5283 

    Alfred M. Whitehurst
    Computer Support Specialist
    760.366.3791 Ext. 5992 

    Elaine Harman
    MIS Administrator
    760.366.3791 Ext. 5994 

    Brent Long
    Network Administrator
    760.366.3791 Ext. 5991

    Robert Buscher
    Computer Technician
    760.366.3791 Ext. 5951

    Gary Bernard
    Computer Technician
    760.366.3791 Ext. 5603

    Jeremy Jones
    760.366.3791 Ext. 5998