GED Prep, High School Completion

    If you are a prospective GED P
    reparation, High School Completion, or math/ English Refresher student please follow the steps below.

    All students must first apply for admission using the online application:

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the link Apply Online!


    3. “Create My Account”
    4. Continue completing the online application
    5. Once the application is completed, please print out the confirmation page and bring it to the Admissions & Records Office
    6. Please understand that it will take about 24 hours to appear in the Admissions & Records computer system.
    7. Please print your confirmation and keep it for your records.
    8. Should you require additional assistance, please call the toll free help desk number: 1-877-247-4836
    All new students must apply online  before attending the Student Success Center orientation.

    High School Completion:

    The Student Success Center provides residents of the Morongo Basin the opportunity earn their adult high school diploma and encourages continued education at the college level. Courses are open entry, therefore students are allowed to register anytime during the school year. Call the Student Success Center for orientation information. Anyone who is 18 years of age or older is welcome to enroll.

    *All students under the age of 18 are required to meet with the Developmental Education Coordinator BEFORE applying or attending orientation.  To schedule an appointment, please contact the SSC Program Assistant at 760-366-3791 extension 5982.

    GED Test Preparation:

    Prospective GED candidates are encouraged to take the pre-test.  The results of the GED pre-test will help determine which areas to study before taking the test.  The Student Success Center offers courses that will help prepare you to successfully pass the GED test.  All courses are self-paced and free.   You may choose to work from a text or opt for the computerized instruction. 

    To apply to Copper Mountain College click here.

    GED Testing:

    No tests are scheduled at this time.  Please call the Student Success Center at (760) 366-3791, ext. 4246 for testing site information.