Frequently Asked Questions About CARE

    If only my children are on cash aid, am I eligible for the CARE program?

    Yes - only one person in the household needs to be receiving cash aid to be eligible for the program.

    If my spouse is incarcerated, and we are still married, am I eligible for the CARE program?

    Yes - as long as cash aid is being supplied to your household, you are considered a single parent for the time your spouse is incarcerated.

    I receive only SSI/SDI assistance am I eligible for the CARE program?

    No - there must be cash aid through the CalWORKs program that is given to the household each month.

    I am receiving food stamps and Medi-Cal only, am I eligible for the CARE program?

    No - food stamps and Medi-Cal alone are not sufficient for participation in the CARE program. There must be CalWORKs assistance in the household.

    My spouse and I are both students at CMC and participants in the EOPS program; can we apply for the CARE program for child care assistance?

    No - the CARE program is designed to assist single parents.

    I am exempt from contracting with Welfare to Work; can I apply for the CARE program?

    Yes - a Welfare to Work contract is not required to participate in the CARE program.

    I was found ineligible for the EOPS program; can I apply for the CARE program?

    No - A CARE student must be a participant in the EOPS program.

    Will the CARE program find my child care provider for me?

    No - the CARE program does not have access to child care placement, but can help refer students to child care resources.

    I am no longer eligible for financial aid - can I still apply for CARE?

    Yes - you can still apply for EOPS and CARE; however, you must still apply for Federal Financial Aid each year.