Fall 2014 Information

    VISITORS: Please use Visitor Parking. If your  visit will exceed two (2) hours, please see Admissions & Records for a temporary parking pass and where to park.

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    Major Change in State Priority Registration Policy - Effective FALL 2014

    Registration Priority shall be lost at the first registration opportunity after a student:

    • Is placed on academic or progress probation or any combination thereof; or
    • Has earned one hundred (100) or more degree-applicable semester or quarter equivalent units at the district or other higher education institutions.

    For purposes of this section a unit is earned when a student receives a grade of A, B, C, D, or P. The 100-unit limit does not include units for non-degree applicable English as a Second Language or basic skills. The 100-unit limit does not include units earned through credit by examination, advanced placement, or International Baccalaureate.

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    Priority registration Information Brochure from Chancellor's Office

    Do you have Base Access?? You can register for classes at the Base Programs Office!!

    If you are taking classes aboard the MCAGCC Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base, you must adhere to the Marine Corps Base Dress Code. If you do not adhere to the dress code, you will be in violation of the Marine Corps Base and CMC's Standards of Conduct and may result in your suspension from attending classes aboard the Marine Corps Base and CMC.

    Examples of inappropriate civilian attire worn in public are beach or swim wear, gym or sweat gear, tank tops, short shorts, ripped or torn clothing, garments designed as underwear, clothing with designs of an obscene or suggestive nature, and shower shoes/flip flops. Wearing headgear indoors is never permitted.


    For the 2014 Fall Semester Registration period, Admissions would like to assist you in the most efficient way possible to reduce long lines and wait times.  Please help us by following these guidelines:

    · Please, NO food or drink in the building at all times.
    · Cell Phone Quiet Zone: For your security and confidentiality we ask that you silence cell phones and refrain from use inside the lobby.
    · Please keep safety in mind; your safety is important to us. 
    · If you have a hold on your student record you will not be allowed to register.  Please check your status prior to registration.

    To reduce wait times during peak registration periods:
    · Completely fill in the registration card neatly (please print) using blue or black ink. 
    · Provide your Coyote Tracks ID number and an active email address at the time of registration.
    · Have your valid photo identification readily available for the Admissions staff.
    · We ask that the inner lobby be reserved for only the student registering; please ask your companions to wait in the outer lobby or outside.

    We appreciate your cooperation with these guidelines. Thank you!
    ~Admissions & Records Staff


    Assessment tests, orientation and counseling appointments are available during regular business hours at a variety of convenient times on the main campus or at the Base Office of Student Services. Types of appointments include:

    • Electronic assessment testing for up to 8 students
    • Group orientation with a counselor for up to 15 students
    • Electronic orientation for up to 8 students
    • One-on-one counseling (these fill up quickly!) and
    • Group counseling for up to 8 students.

    When making appointments, be aware assessment testing needs to be completed prior to orientation and orientation prior to counseling.  Please call Admissions and Records at 760-366-3791, ext. 4232 to schedule a day and time that works best for you.  

    Fall 2014 ID Card, SEPs, Assessment & Counseling Schedule -- TBD

    Student Education Plans (SEPs) require 1-hour appointments. These appointments are only available as follows -- TBD

    PLEASE NOTE: Student notification of online registration information will begin in February, with students being able to start accessing their portal site in April for online registration, prior to the start of Summer registration.  Online registration is available each day of registration from 8:00AM to 5:00PM.  These hours will provide the most support to students and staff, if there are issues.  This also allows nightly backups and updates to occur without undue stress on server processing time. 


    Friday, May 9 -- EOPS, ACCESS, CalWORKs, Eligible Active Duty Military, Veterans and Foster Youth

    Monday, May 12 -- No Registration

    Tuesday, May 13 -- Continuing Students, Qualified High School Graduates, and Qualified New Students (Completed Assessment, Orientation & Initial SEP)

    Wednesday, May 14 -- No Registration

    Thursday, May 15 -- Returning Students and New Students

    Friday, May 16 -- No Registration

    Monday, May 19 -- Open Registration, including students exceeding 99 units, students on probation/dismissal and Concurrent High School Enrollment Students

    August 29 – Fall Registration ends (classes begin August 18)


    All Payments Due - AUGUST 6

    Semester Begins - August 18

    Semester Ends - December 17

    Dates to Remember:

    August 29 - Last day to add an online class

    August 29 - Last day to add a full semester class

    August 29 - Last Day to Drop Classes with a refund

    September 8 - Last Day to Drop Classes without a "W"

    October - Last Day to File "Intent to Graduate" for Fall 2014

    October 29 - All Staff Development Day / Faculty Flex

    November 17 - Last Day to Withdraw from Classes with a "W"

    2014-2015 Academic Calendar

    2014-2015 Holiday Schedule

    Student Services' Hours of Operation - Fall 2014

    Fall Hours Beginning August 4th

    Monday-Thursday 8:15a-5:00p

    Friday 8:15a-3:00p

    August 14 -- Closed - All Staff Day Open at 1pm

    September 1 -- Closed - Holiday

    October 29 -- Closed - All Staff Day

    November 10 -- Closed - Holiday

    November 27-29 -- Closed - Holiday

    December 25-31 -- Closed - Winter Break


    New Student Checklist

    Returning Student Checklist

    Transfer Student Checklist

    K-12 New & Returning Student Checklist

    K-12 Continuing Student Checklist



    1. Fill Out Application for Admission Online

    Apply Online! Students must complete an online application for admission prior to taking the assessment test. Please note it takes 24 hours for your application to upload to CMC's database. Please call 760-366-3791, ext. 4232 to obtain your CMC Student ID #, "Coyote Tracks ID #."


    2. Take Assessment Test

    The Assessment Test identifies the best level of English, reading, and mathematics courses at which students need to begin their college program of study. All matriculated students are required to take the Assessment Test, except those students who have completed English Composition and Intermediate Algebra with grades of "C" or higher at another accredited college or university. The Assessment Test is not a timed exam. Students should allow approximately two hours to complete the test comfortably. To schedule an appointment, call Admissions & Records at 760-366-3791, ext. 4232. Please remember to bring a picture ID and your CMC Student ID #. Testing is also available at the Base Programs Office: 760-366-3791, ext. 4368.

    Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for the test. Results and score interpretation are provided immediately following the exam. Students should keep the test results and bring them when meeting with a counselor, advisor or when attending orientation.

    Assessment Testing

    Non-CMC students taking the assessment test at CMC for another college, will be assessed a $5.00 fee.

    Before taking the Assessment Test you may want to practice with the free prep review test available at www.testprepreview.com On the left hand side, click on the second link in the list "Accuplacer Test Practice." Also visit www.collegeboard.com/students/testing/accuplacer for more information.

    If you have taken the Assessment Test at the high school, please bring a copy of your Assessment Test results to Admissions & Records at CMC's Main Campus.

    3. Participate in New Student Orientation and Register for Classes

    Students enrolling for the first time are required to attend a small group orientation before classes begin. Please call (760) 366-3791, ext. 4232 to make an appointment to attend a two hour session. Please do not bring children to orientation sessions.  Schedules for Student ID Cards, Assessment Tests, and E-Orientation

    4. Fill Out Financial Aid Paperwork

    You may qualify for a Board of Governors Waiver (BOGW) for fees. See the Financial Aid Office for details. You may also be eligible to receive a Pell Grant or other forms of aid to assist with school expenses. Fill out the "FAFSA" application as soon as possible. Students applying for financial aid need to apply as early as possible to avoid delays in receiving funds. FAFSA applications are available in the Financial Aid Office in the Office of Student Services and the Base Programs Office, and online at: www.fafsa.ed.gov

    Admissions & Records

    Enrollment Information

    Major Change in State Course Repetition Policy - October 2012

    The State of California has revised the regulations regarding limits on the number of times a student can repeat a course to improve a substandard grade (D, F) or after withdrawing (W) from the same course.

    Students with the grades of D, F, or W are limited to a total of three (3) enrollments in the same course. After this point, the student cannot retake the course at CMC.

    It is vital that you complete your courses with a “C” or better. Otherwise, you will not be able to retake the courses at CMC.

    Full or Closed Classes

    When a course reaches its maximum capacity, students cannot be added to the course. Maximum capacities for classroom courses are based on the maximum fire code capacity per each room where the course will be taught. Maximum capacities for online courses are based on faculty contracts and cannot be adjusted. Students who find that desired courses are closed are encouraged to check the Schedule of Classes to select an alternative section of those courses.

    Wait Listing

    Once a class is full, the next person trying to enroll will become the first person on the wait list and be the first person to be offered a seat in the class if someone drops or becomes an "instructor drop" for non-attendance. Coyote Tracks (student database) tracks who is next in line to be offered the open seat in the class.

    In order to be wait listed in a class, you must provide Admissions & Records with an updated email address. If you are the first person on the wait list and a seat becomes available, you will be notified via email, you will then have 24 hours, until the end of the business day, to come into Admissions & Records and register for that class. There are no exceptions to this rule.

    Wait List Restrictions: Students are restricted to being either in a section or on one wait list for a section of that course. However, a student can be on a wait list for a Chem class and on a wait list for an English class, as these are not the same course. No multiple wait listing for the same course within different sections is permitted, but they can be wait listed on multiple separate courses.

    Students cannot "crash" a class! This is why we have wait listing.

    Auditing a course is not permitted.

    Registration Fees & Payment Information

    Enrollment Fee: State-mandated enrollment fee (in-state fee) is $46.00 per unit

    Student Government and Club Fee: $2.00 per semester

    Student Activity Center Fee: $1.00 per semester

    Student Government Fee: $1.00 per semester

    Parking Fees:

    Car $20.00 per semester

    Motorcycle $10.00 per semester

    Enrollment Fee

    The enrollment fee is $46.00 per unit (with no maximum) for those qualifying for California State Residency. Enrollment fees are subject to change.

    Non-Resident Enrollment Fees

    State-mandated non-resident enrollment fee is $191.00 per unit, for a total of $237.00 per unit.

    All  payments are due:  AUGUST 6 for Fall

    All payments must be made in the Cashier's Office located in the 300 Quad.

    Students are responsible for fees even if they never attend the class.
    Students are responsible for meeting all published deadlines.

    Paying for Classes

    Payment Procedures at CMC:

    1. Register for Classes (Admissions & Records in the 300 Quad);

    2. Meet with Financial Aid (verify and fill out paperwork if necessary);

    3. Make your Payment (Cashier's Office in the 300 Quad)

    After you register you will receive your schedule of classes and an invoice to make your payment. Please see below for payment options or make arrangements with the Financial Aid Office.

    Summer 2014 payments are due on JUNE 6. If you do not pay you may be dropped from ALL of your classes!

    Fall 2014 payments are due on AUGUST 6. If you do not pay you may be dropped from ALL of your classes!

    Payment options are as follows:

    By mail with a check, money-order or credit card. The address is:

    Copper Mountain College
    Attn: CMC Cashier's Office
    P.O. Box 1398
    Joshua Tree, CA 92252

    OR ask for a preaddressed envelope. Please do not mail cash.

    Pay in person at the CMC Cashier's Office located in the 300 Quad. Business hours are currently M-F 8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Please call 760-366-3791 ext. 5312. You may pay by check, cash, credit card, or money order.

    Download Fillable Payment Form

    Students are responsible for fees even if they never attend the class.
    Students are responsible for meeting all published deadlines.

    Questions About Your Student Bill?

    Call CMC Cashier at 760-366-3791, ext. 5312 or email: cmccashier@cmccd.edu

    How to read the Class Schedule: Locations and building codes

    ~ Schedule Worksheet


    CMC Campus Map

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    Twentynine Palms High School

    Yucca Valley High School

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