Emergency Medical Technician Program

    You must attend an information session prior to registering for the class. Please contact the Health Sciences/Nursing Programs Office for dates and times.

    The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Program prepares individuals to recognize illnesses and injury symptoms and to provide legal permissible emergency treatment set forth by the standards of San Bernardino County and Inland Counties Emergency Medical Agency (ICEMA).

    The curriculum consists of 72 hours of theory instruction (lecture), participation in 64 hours of skill demonstration (lab), and 44 hours of field and clinical experience in various High Desert agencies. On successful completion of this 6-unit course (the student must maintain an 80% average throughout the Program), the student is eligible to sit the NREMT exam and apply to the local EMS Authority for the County issued certification as an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic which is valid for 2 years.

    An EMT Refresher course is offered for certificate renewal. Upon completion of this 2-unit course, the student is eligible to apply to the local EMS Authority for the County issued certification renewal as an EMT-Basic. This program meets all criteria of San Bernardino County and ICEMA for Emergency Medical Technician-Basic training.

    This will serve to advise you that, pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Section 1799.100, by participating in a course of instruction in emergency medical training you have waived your rights to collect civil damages against the College in the event you sustain an injury.

    The code states: “No local agency, entity of state or local government, or other public or private organization which sponsors, authorizes, supports, finances, or supervises the training of people, excluding physicians and surgeons, registered nurses, and licensed vocational nurses, as defined, in emergency medical services in training programs under this part, shall be liable for any civil damages alleged to result from such training program.”

    NOTE:  The EMT Program requires a criminal background check.   Students should be aware that the results of the background check may have an impact on academic program eligibility or clinical/community site placement.  Students may be denied access to the program on the basis of the results of the background check.  The College is required to comply with licensing requirements and with policies of our partner agencies.  If you have a felony or a misdemeanor in your background, please see your program chair to discuss the impact on your academic and professional career.




    Important Forms

    EMT Program Guidelines

    EMT Program Expenses

    Hepatitis Q&A Sheet

    Penal Code Sections List

    For more information contact:

    Phone: (760) 366-3791 ext. 5801
    Email:  Health Sciences/Nursing Programs Department