EOPS Progress Reports

    EOPS Progress Report Instructions - For Students

    The Progress Report process is designed for your success. It will help you build relationships with your instructors and address any academic issues you may be having earlier in the semester. Every semester, you are required to do the following with the Progress Report:

    1. The progress report can be found on our website or at the EOPS Counter located in Student Services.
    2. Take the Progress Report to your instructors mid-semester (Dates are announced during Orientation), and explain why you need the progress report completed.
    3. If you are enrolled in an online class, please e-mail the form to your instructor and have them complete the entire form and e-mail it back to you.
    4. Once your progress report has been completed, please bring the completed progress report to the EOPS office. The EOPS counselor will review your progress report, and put it in your EOPS file.

    EOPS Progress Report Fall 2016

    EOPS Progress Report FAQ - For Faculty

    What is the purpose of the progress report?

    The progress report is designed to provide EOPS students with valuable feedback on their academic performance. By receiving feedback from instructors in the middle of the course, students will have time to seek tutoring or other resources to continue their success. It allows instructors to intervene with students who are struggling and recognize those who are excelling. EOPS counselors also use the progress reports to get a complete picture of the student's academic performance so they can better advise students.

    How many times a semester do I need to complete a progress report for one student?

    Once per semester, EOPS students are required to complete one EOPS progress report for each of their classes. However, some students may choose to complete a second progress report to continue to monitor their progress in their classes.

    Do students need to complete a progress report for all their classes?

    Yes. We require students to complete progress reports for every class they are enrolled in.

    When will students start coming to have their progress reports filled out?

    It is recommended that students complete progress reports approximately midway through the course. For full-term classes this means in the middle of the semester or after a first paper or exam. For short-term/late-start classes, the midpoint of the course may vary.

    I teach an online class, how do I submit a student's progress report?

    For online classes, the student should email you requesting that you complete an EOPS progress report for them. You may access an online version of the progress report at (Progress Report). The student may also attach the form in the e-mail request to you. Please forward the progress report back to the student.

    How do students receive credit for their progress report once I fill it out? Is there anything I need to do?

    It is the student's responsibility to submit completed progress reports to the EOPS Office for review and feedback. Instructors are not expected to do anything with the progress report apart from filling them out.

    What are the consequences for the students if they do not complete a progress report?

    Progress reports are a mandatory requirement for EOPS students to maintain good standing in the EOPS program. Students who fail to complete this requirement could be in jeopardy of loosing their EOPS Services.

    EOPS is committed to the academic success of its students. Thank you for your participation and assistance in making the EOPS progress report a useful intervention tool.