Copper Mountain College Academic Catalog

    2016-17 Catalog

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    Our Catalog

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    About our Cover

    At CMC we are so lucky to be located just across the highway from the Joshua Tree National Park, a world-class climbing destination with more than 400 climbing formations and 8,000 climbing routes.  Like all sports, rock climbing has a language all its own.

    Belay: to attach a secure rope to a person for safety.

    The belayer is the person on the ground who secures the climber, keeping a close eye on the climber's progress and letting out slack to the line by releasing the belay, a special device that locks the rope a little at a time as the climber slowly ascends.  The climber calls “On belay?” meaning  - are you ready to belay me?  The Belayer calls “Belay on” meaning - I am ready, attentive, you are safe, I’ve got you!  Now the climber can safely begin their climb.

    Here at CMC … "BELAY ON!"  We’ve got you!

    We are ready for you.  From our Tutoring Center, to Financial Aid, to ACCESS, to the First-Year Experience, we are here to help you succeed in reaching your educational goals!

    Pictured on our catalog cover is CMC student Rebecca Roscher.  Throughout this year’s catalog you will find pictures of CMC staff and students, all members of the CMC Rock Climbing Club.

    List of Degree and Certificate Programs (2016-17).


    For information on how CMC grants credit for Advanced Placement (AP) exams, College Level Examination Program (CLEP), International Baccaulaureate (IB) exams, High School, and Regional Occupational Program (ROP), please see your CMC counselor.

    Additional information is also available under Transfer Center on our website.

    Gainful Employment Programs Disclosures

    Course Rotations