Paul Delaney

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    Title: Professor of Biology
    Employee: Paul Delaney
    Department: Science
    Phone: 760-366-3791 ext. 0257
    Office: Building 411, Faculty office E


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    Dr. Delaney's Publications

    Temporomandibular Disorders

    A New Isopod Species From the Virgin Islands

    Chiropractic Educational Evidence Based Health Care

    Evaluation of ACOEM Musculoskeletal Treatment Guidelines

    Integrating Evidence Based Chiropractic In Multispecialty Medical Groups

    Novel Instructional Technique in Physiology & Neuroscience

    Politalana wickstenae, New Species of Deepwater Cirolanid Isopod

    Pupilladae Shell Ultrastructure

    Rotary Manipulation for Cervical Radiculopathy

    Synonymy of Cirolana tuberculata

    Xray Microanalysis of Two Marine Isopod Species

    An Evidence Based Model for Chiropractic Education & Practice

    Diagnostic Utility of McKenzie Clinical Assessment for Lower Back Pain

    Gulf of California Isopods, Excorallana

    Multidisciplinary Shoulder Therapy

    Phylogeny of the Corallanidae

    Population Biology of a Coral Reef Isopod in Pacific Costa Rica

    Review of Evidence Based Health Care Education

    Status of Isopod Family Corallanidae

    Two New Species of Tridentella Isopods From California


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