Access Transcripts & Grades

    CMC does not mail grade reports. You may request your grades as follows:

    1) Grades are available 24/7 through the MyCMC Portal for students who have maintained access since spring 2014. Once you are logged into the portal (MyCMC), click on the Academic Profile Tab.

    2) In Person. Please go to Admissions & Records in the Office of Student Services or the Base Programs Office. Bring a form of photo ID with you. Ask to have an unofficial transcript printed for you.

    3) Email, Fax or Mail. Save the wait in line! Request a copy of your unofficial transcript. Please fax a copy of the following form to Unofficial Transcripts, at 760-830-4157. Or you can:


    mail: CMC, Unofficial Transcripts, PO Box 1398, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

    Unofficial Transcripts for CMC Grades are Free. Please note processing time can take 3-5 business days.

    Unofficial Transcript (Grades) Request Form (Adobe PDF)

    Unofficial Transcript (Grades) Request Form (MSWord)

    Unofficial CMC Transcripts

    CMC will provide you with a copy of your unofficial transcript, which contains your most recent grades. Please fax a copy of the following form to Unofficial Transcripts at 760-830-4157. Or you can email:

    Unofficial Transcripts for CMC Grades are Free. Please note processing time can take 3-5 business days.

    Unofficial transcript requests MUST have an actual signature for processing. Unofficial transcript requests without an actual signature WILL NOT be processed.

    Unofficial Transcript (Grades) Request PDF Form (Adobe PDF)

    Unofficial Transcript (Grades) Request MSWord Form (MSWord)

    For questions pertaining to UNOFFICIAL transcripts ONLY, please call the Base Programs Office at 760-830-6133.

    Official CMC Transcripts

    Please note: We cannot process transcript requests over the phone. We MUST have your request in writing before it can be processed.

    Official Transcripts of all course work completed at CMC must be requested in writing from the Admissions & Records Office. The first two lifetime transcripts are free; thereafter a $3.00 fee will be assessed for each additional copy. Transcript requests are usually processed within 10-14 business days. However, during peak registration periods, please allow at least 14-21 days.

    Please note: Regular Transcript Requests are $3 each and take 10-14 business days to process. Regular transcripts are included in the  "First Two Lifetime Transcripts are Free."

    Priority Transcript ("Rush") Requests are $8 each and take 3-5 business days to process.

    Priority/Rush transcripts ARE NOT included in the  "First Two Lifetime Transcripts are Free." You must pay $8.00 for a rush transcript, even if it's the first time you've requested transcripts.

    Please fax a copy of the following form to Delores, at 760-366-5257. Or you can email:

    Transcript Request Form (Adobe PDF)

    Transcript Request Form(MSWord)

    PLEASE NOTE: Transcripts from other institutions become a part of the student's permanent file and are not duplicated and forwarded with the Copper Mountain College transcript.

    For questions pertaining to OFFICIAL transcripts ONLY, please call Admissions & Records at 760-366-3791, ext. 4232.

    Holds on Records and Registration

    Students are expected to be responsible for ALL of their financial obligations to the college. Failure to return library books or other college property or equipment, failure to pay fees or student loans, and failure to reimburse the college for checks written on insufficient fund accounts will result in a hold being placed on student records. Students with record holds will not be provided with copies of transcripts, final grades or enrollment verifications until the hold is cleared by the office from which it originated.

    College of the Desert & Copper Mountain College Transcripts

    From 1967 to 1999, Copper Mountain Campus was a branch campus of College of the Desert (COD). Copper Mountain College (CMC) began separation from College of the Desert in 1999 and CMC was accredited by the Western Associate of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in 2001. Students who completed coursework at CMC between 1999 and 2001 were under WASC accreditation given to CMC through COD.

    Some unusual transcript situations arose from decisions made during the separation of Copper Mountain College from the College of the Desert. Under agreements made during the separation process, a few students may have the same coursework recorded at both colleges. Students who began attending Copper Mountain College in 2001 or later will only have a CMC transcript; attendance both before and after 2001 will usually be fully contained within the CMC transcript.

    Sending Official Transcripts to CMC

    If you are sending official transcripts to CMC, please give the following address to your college/university:

    Copper Mountain College
    Attn: Transcripts
    PO Box 1398
    Joshua Tree, CA 92252

    Education & Degree Verifications

    If you are calling to verify a student's education or degree, we only accept written requests accompanied by a student's release of authorization form. Please fax your request to: Janie at 760-366-5257. Please allow 48-hour turnaround time for processing.

    Enrollment  Verifications

    If you are a student needing an enrollment verification letter for benefits, insurance, etc., please submit your request in writing to Admissions & Records with the following information:

    • Full Name
    • Student ID #
    • Contact Phone # (we will call you when it's ready for pick-up)
    • Semester you are requesting enrollment verification
    • If you need your GPA
    • If you need your anticipated date of graduation

    Please allow 48-hour turnaround time for processing. We will call you when your letter is available for your pick-up.

    High School Completion Transcripts & GED Records

    High School Completion transcripts are NOT processed through Student Services. We do not want to delay your request. Please contact the Student Success Center for your high school completion transcripts 760-366-3791, ext. 4246.

    CMC is unable to verify whether or not a student received their GED through Copper Mountain College. When CMC stopped providing the GED exam, all records were sent to the state GED Records Center.

    The Educational Testing Services (ETS) - GED Records Center handles all requests for duplicate records in the State of California. Please contact the GED State Records office at 916-445-9438 or toll free 866-370-4740.

    ETS-GED Records Center
    PO Box 4005
    Concord, CA 94524-4005