Students with ABILITIES

    The Students with Abilities Club, which has been in existence since the 1999-2000 school year, is made up of students with and without disabilities.  Each year for the past decade, the club has raised funds through bake sales, recycling, and other activities to send children to Camp Forrest, the summer camp sponsored by Angel View Crippled Children’s Foundation, and to fund full-time and part-time scholarships for students at Copper Mountain College.  Also, in large part due to the efforts of students in the club, the safety and accessibility of the campus have been improved.  Part of the mission of the club is to raise awareness and to educate people about disabilities.  Club members are highly visible participants in CMC Student Government Association, serve as college ambassadors, and participate in community events.  In addition, the club has sponsored several highly effective awareness-raising events.

    The Club meets every other week in Bruce’s Coyote Kitchen at the college from 1:00-2:00.  We discuss club business and ways to improve the club as well as the campus.  EVERYONE is welcome. 

    2013-14 Officers:

    President: Jennifer Krull

    Vice-President: Nicholas Monroe

    Secretary: Dustin Freeman

    Treasurer: Karen Horvath  

    Ambassador:  Elaine McElroy

    DSPS Ambassador: Maria Perez

    Faculty Advisor: Laura Nankervis